[kkstarratings] Who can certify documents

Those who can certify documents are all around you in your community. Typically they are trusted members of society such as the Postmaster, your Pastor, the family Doctor, Accountants and Police Officers. See below for a complete list of Certifiers.

When yoWho can certify documentsu are thinking about getting a document certified using our professional True Copy Certificate you could go to anyone of the Certifiers listed. Many of them you likely already have a relationship with.

You can check off two tasks at the same time; like checking in with your son’s High School Principal while having him or her certify your document. Or your pet is in for its annual checkup and you have the Veterinarian certify your document.

Given you come prepared with a Certificate it’s just a matter of presenting the Certificate for signing. When you come prepared most listed professionals typically will not charge for the service.