Certified Copy of Document

I don’t have access to a Computer. Can I still benefit from your Service?2019-11-09T09:39:20-05:00

Yes, you can! Not having a computer is never a barrier. Our portal is designed for everyone to have access to. You can access our portal with your smartphone or tablet and have your document certified in a few minutes.

Can I get the Hardcopy of the Certificate?2019-11-09T09:39:20-05:00

Unfortunately, no! Our service is strictly online and we consider sending hardcopy as wasting our client’s time and money. Hence, you will have the complete kit delivered to your email address within a few minutes. The softcopy, when printed, works just the same as the hardcopy and it is generally acceptable.

Can I make Cash Payment since you have a Physical Office?2019-11-09T09:39:21-05:00

Unfortunately, no! We only accept online payments.

Your Payment Gateway is declining my Card: What can I do?2019-11-09T09:39:21-05:00

Mostly, that could be an error from your side. You may need to confirm if your card is enabled for online transactions. You may also try using PayPal instead. If all do not work, kindly reach out to us through our support request form to confirm the probable cause.

I got stuck when I tried to complete my Application. What can I do?2019-11-09T09:39:21-05:00

Worry less! We are always available to help you sort things out. Kindly check the “how to” section of our website to get a full walkthrough tutorial. Feel free to contact us through the support request form should you need any further assistance. And in case of urgency, you can quickly reach out to us via our business numbers below:

tel. 1-877.932.8389

Do I need to book an Appointment?2019-11-09T09:39:21-05:00

No. You do not have to book an appointment. Everything you need will be done through our portal. We operate a universal service where anyone from anywhere within Canada can easily have access to us. This is one of the essence of why we provide this Certified True Copy service.

Do you ensure Confidentiality?2019-11-09T09:39:21-05:00

Yes, we do! That is one of our main obligations. Your data is safe with us. We ensure that every client’s document, as well as data, are privately kept from third parties. Our database is actively secured against unauthorized use of our client’s information. Kindly check our privacy policy for further information regarding your privacy.

What is your privacy policy?2019-11-09T09:39:22-05:00

Our privacy policy can be found here. Privacy policy

Where can I go if I need help or have questions regarding my Certified Copy Certificate?2019-11-09T09:39:22-05:00

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or need specific help with something, you can contact us through our support request form and we will be happy to assist you.

Where do I get the information I need to fill out the questions on the form2019-11-09T09:39:22-05:00

The only questions on the form are basic contact information questions such as name, address, and phone number. If the information is unknown, it can be filled in at a later date by you, or by the Certifier. To be respectful of the Certifier however it is best to have your form completed.

What do I need to do once my Certified Copy Certificate is signed by a Certifier?2019-11-09T09:39:22-05:00

Once your document has been filled out and signed, the only thing left to do is deliver it to the agency or individual that originally requested it.

Are there any hidden fees?2019-11-09T09:39:22-05:00

No. Once you pay your one-time fee, the document is accessible instantly from your email inbox and no other charges will be required beyond this point.

What is the fee and what are my payment options?2019-11-09T09:39:23-05:00

The fee payable to Certified True Copy Canada is $17.77. You can pay online using a credit card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Now Free until February 1, 2020

Is the form I am receiving from Certified True Copy Canada different than the one I would receive from a Notary or Lawyer?2019-11-09T09:39:23-05:00

Each professional (lawyer or notary) develops their own version of the form. Although there is no standard document format, there is a concrete set of requirements that need to be included. The document you receive from Certified True Copy Canada meets the requirements.

Who are Certifiers of documents?2019-11-09T09:39:23-05:00

Document Certifiers are neutral trusted individuals in the community, like your doctor, dentist or pharmacist.

In Canada the following professionals are acceptable Certifiers.

  • Dentist
  • Medical doctor
  • Minister of religion authorized under provincial law to perform marriages
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Police officer (municipal, provincial, or RCMP)
  • Postmaster
  • Principal of a primary or secondary school
  • Social worker with MSW (Masters in Social Work)
  • Veterinarian
  • Professional accountant (APA, CA, CGA, CMA, PA, RPA)
  • Professional engineer (P.Eng., in Quebec)
  • Senior administrator in a community college (includes CEGEPs)
  • Senior administrator or teacher in a university
  • Chief or Councillor of First Nations Band Council
  • Council members of the Métis Settlements General Council, and members of the Saskatchewan Provincial Métis Council
  • Executive Officer of Nunavut Tunngavik
  • Executive Officer of Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and of the six (6) Inuvialuit Community Corporations (Northwest Territories)
  • Executive Officer Makivik (northern Quebec)
  • Judge
  • Lawyer (member of a provincial bar association)
  • Notary in Quebec
  • Magistrate
  • Mayor
  • Notary public

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